What Do Athletes Need to Know About Their Blood?

The blood tells all when it comes to an athlete’s health. This is why it is so important those who engage in a sport of any kind seek athlete blood testing. With testing, an athlete can learn their strengths and weaknesses so they can improve their health and physical ability. It is important individuals understand the science behind blood testing for athletes so they will know why it is important they seek these services on a regular basis.

What Is Tested in These Blood Tests?

When a person undergoes athlete blood testing, they need to know what is tested for so they can be prepared. These tests can reveal a lot about how an athlete performs and how their body works. The following can be revealed when a person undergoes this testing:

Hormone deficiencies


Nutrient deficiencies

Immune system issues

This testing tests for the full spectrum of iron levels including hemoglobin, Ferritin, Iron, TBC, and TS. These all work together to ensure the body has the oxygen it needs to properly perform. When an athlete has lowered levels in this spectrum, they will be diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia.

Another area of nutrient concern is a lack of Vitamin D. Low levels of this vitamin can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and death due to a heart attack. Vitamin D deficiency is common in athletes and many do not even know they are lacking this key vitamin.


How Can These Tests Be Used For Improved Performance?

With blood testing for athletes, individuals can learn what they need to do to tweak their nutrition intake so they can improve their performance in whatever sport they are participating in. This may mean changing their diet, changing their workout routine, or adding vitamin and mineral supplements to their daily routine.

Often, athletes do not realize their performance issues are hinging on their nutrition. When the body does not have the nutrients it needs, it will not be able to function at the proper level. Once a person is fully aware of what their body is missing, they can improve their health and performance drastically.

Schedule Your Testing

Even if you have not been noticing problems with your health and performance, this testing can make a big difference. It is important athletes are tested on a regular basis so they can monitor their health and ensure their body is able to perform at its optimal level.